About Us

The mission of Walgreens Gone Wrong is to make the country’s largest drugstore a better, more trustworthy place to shop and receive health services. It is an initiative of Change to Win (CtW), a 5.5-million member partnership of four unions that seeks to strengthen consumer protections and workers’ rights as part of its efforts to rebuild the middle class.

Walgreens strives to be a leading provider of an increasing array of health and wellness services at more than 8,200 locations in all 50 states. But, in our view, Walgreens isn’t living up to its high standards of service and integrity, and we believe the chain’s recent international expansion will do little to improve its US operations.

Walgreens Gone Wrong has already identified a number of areas of concern at the company.  As we continue to find ways for the company to improve, we will share what we learn, and we will join with consumers to call on Walgreens to better serve its customers and communities.

Do you have a concern about Walgreens that you think we should know?  Get in touch!