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6 Items to Watch Out For at Walgreens in Missouri

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a lawsuit against Walgreens, accusing the nation’s largest pharmacy chain of overcharging customers and using deceptive display advertising and pricing schemes. In a press conference, Koster cited several ways in which consumers were overcharged: Outdated price displays for sale items Confusion created by multiple prices displayed for the […]

Not Getting the Points? You’re Not Alone.

If you’re like many Balance Rewards members, a desire to save money is what drove you to sign up for the little blue card in the first place. But are you really reaping the benefits? This a hot topic of debate on our Facebook page, and we’ve been getting documentation of a lack of points […]

Would you walk 50 miles for one dollar?

We all know how important exercise is, but with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, many find it difficult to hit the gym regularly. With its Steps program, Walgreens rewards healthy behavior by offering Balance Rewards points for exercise – but is it enough to really motivate people? Walgreens allows users to earn […]

Digging Deeper: What Do Shoppers Think of Balance Rewards?

Do you feel like a smarter shopper as a result of using Balance Rewards, Walgreens loyalty program? If you said “no”, seven-in-ten of your shopping peers may agree according to a new poll. The findings suggest that customers are dissatisfied, and despite CEO Greg Wasson’s remarks that Balance Rewards points would become “a new kind of currency”, […]

Poll: Shoppers Dissatisfied with Balance Rewards

Walgreens launched Balance Rewards in September 2012, jumping into the loyalty card race with CVS and Rite Aid. The debut of Balance Rewards came as the retailer was trying to lure back many customers who left in 2012 because of insurance issues. CEO Greg Wasson remarked that the card would become “a new kind of […]

Walgreen’s Loyalty Program—Less than Rewarding?

“Are you a Balance Rewards member?”—chances are, you’ve been asked this question when shopping at Walgreens recently. The card was introduced in 2012 as Walgreen’s first foray into the world of customer loyalty programs, but we’ve found that some shoppers have shown a lukewarm response online.

Long Lines, Short Staffed at Walgreens?

Americans spend roughly 37 billion hours each year waiting in line, and recent posts on our Facebook wall and on various consumer/employee review sites have made us wonder how many of those hours are spent at Walgreens.

Long lines at the register have been known to cause frustration, boredom and people pitching fits. A slow checkout can ruin a good shopping experience—just like finding mislabeled, out-of-stock sale items can.

11 Most Out-of-Stock Sale Items at Walgreens

We’ve all been there—you go to a store looking for a specific item advertised in the circular, only to find they’re out of stock. Maybe you swing by a little later, only to see the item is still missing from their shelves. A new study found that 76 percent of Walgreens stores were consistently missing […]

9 Most Mislabeled Sale Items at Walgreens

According to a new study, 94% of surveyed Walgreens stores had discount items not marked as on sale. Not only does this lead to confusion for shoppers, but also means we may be losing out on some great deals! So which sale items were mislabeled the most? Click through the slideshow to see the 9 […]

RetailWire Asks: Does Walgreens Have An Out-of-Stock Problem?

RetailWire reporter George Anderson’s experience at Walgreens might be all too common: I’m kind of ticked off at my local Walgreens. Twice over the past year I’ve gone to the store (the closest to my home) for needed over-the-counter medications only to have to go elsewhere after finding holes on the shelf. That’s how his […]

Are Walgreen’s Missing Sale Signs Misleading Consumers?

Has it happened to you?  You see something you need on sale in the circular or online, but when you get to the store, there’s no sale sign.  You ask yourself, “Is this really on sale?” Maybe you track down one of the already overworked associates for a price check; maybe you play register roulette […]

Walgreen’s Out of Stocks Sending Customers Out of Stores?

Since Walgreens rolled out its Balance Rewards loyalty program last year, 68 million shoppers have signed up, in part so they could get sale prices on razors, mouthwash, snacks, allergy medicine, dish soap and all of the other things they count on Walgreens for. But a new report, Off Balance, indicates that Balance Rewards members […]