CBS Investigations Find Overcharging at Walgreens

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Are you paying too much at America’s largest drugstore chain?

Recent investigations by CBS news teams across the country have found numerous examples of overcharging at Walgreens stores. Reporters in Dallas, Philadelphia and Boston went undercover, catching expired sale tags, missing Balance Rewards points, and clearance items that didn’t ring up as on sale.

This isn’t the first time the chain has faced allegations of overcharging customers.

Still from WBZ-TV's investigation.

Still from WBZ-TV’s investigation.

Earlier this year, Walgreens was sued by District Attorneys in four northern California counties and settled for $1.4 million. The company was accused of overcharging and deceptive advertising practices again in a lawsuit filed this past August by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster—who alleged the company engaged in “a pattern of false and misleading advertising and pricing schemes”. To make matters worse, a report was released earlier this year finding mislabeled sale inventory in 90 percent of surveyed Walgreens stores.

The amount overpaid during the CBS investigations was significant. In Dallas, the reporter was charged $32 more than expected on 25 items. While in Philadelphia, they were charged a higher price than advertised for 28 times. These products included pizza, dish soap, cleaning supplies, and more.

The takeaway is simple: check your receipt next time you shop at Walgreens—and if you have questions about whether you were charged the advertised price, or received the correct amount of rewards points, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask the cashier.


WCCO in Minneapolis–Saint Paul has also released a story on overcharging at Walgreens, with their news team paying nearly $100 more than they were supposed to be charged.


CBS Chicago has also filed a report on expired sale tags at Walgreens.