Consumers Call on Walgreens to Quit Tobacco

CVS announced today that they’ll stop selling cigarettes on October 1st, a move praised by many in the media and the President himself. With this big news from the second largest chain drugstore in the United States, attention naturally turned to the industry leader, Walgreens.

Social media lit up with consumers demanding tobacco-free drugstores, and some threatened to take their business elsewhere if the company did not follow CVS’s lead. Comments began rolling in on the Walgreens Facebook page shortly after the announcement.





And many more took to Twitter to voice their concerns.







Michael Polzin, a spokesperson for Walgreen, said the company will “continue to evaluate” tobacco and sell smoking cessation products to help their customers kick the habit. The blog Consumerist expressed confusion with this statement, noting:

We’ve reached out to Walgreens’ official PR team in the hopes of further explanation, because we’re confused why the retailer would actively want to tell the world it has given some thought to — but has ultimately decided against — getting rid of a product that is known to cause cancer and numerous other ailments.

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