Report: Offshoring America’s Drugstore

Walgreens, our country’s biggest pharmacy chain, may move its corporate address overseas to avoid paying its fair share of taxes. It may soon shift its corporate address from Illinois to Switzerland, a tax haven. This may let the company avoid $4 billion in U.S. taxes over the next five years, leaving the rest of us to […]

Behind The Desk: Risks to Patient Privacy at Walgreens

A new report finds that Walgreen’s attempts to “revolutionize” the pharmacy may pose risks to patient privacy, medication accuracy and drug security. The pharmacy model, named “Well Experience,” relocates the pharmacist’s work station from a private space in  the traditional prescription fill area to a public space. The out-in-front pharmacist remotely monitors the pharmacy technicians and […]

Off Balance: A Report About Out-of-Stock and Missing Sale Items at Walgreens

Have you ever gone out of your way to purchase an item, only to find it out-of-stock? Have you seen an item listed on sale in a circular or online, and found it wasn’t correctly labeled in the store? You’re not alone.

Other Consumer Resources

Walgreens Gone Wrong is committed to making the country’s largest drugstore a better, more trustworthy place to shop and receive health services. Here are some additional, and unaffiliated, resources for consumers.